lundi 11 février 2013

Saturn's chains

Saturn's chains

Something despicable holds still
On the threshold of my narrow door
I'm afraid of this hollow automaton
I loathe what is but appearances

I don't fear death nor tears
Neither pain great or small
Neither the foreigner or the predator
But that and only that I fear

When the bone cracks and pierces the flesh
When the still-seeing eye is torn out
When the howling skin is ripped
There is still worse, much worse

Many times I wake up screaming
My quivering eating into me
Because I remember and I hear
Their steps on my steps, hiding in my past

There is so many of them : it's an army
At the threshold of my burning home
So many but identical to me
Because of the void they feed inside

I hate them almost as much as they frighten me
Those shapeless and scentless monsters
Only at the top of a cliff
Am I as terrified

They lost the smiles and the tears
They speak only the language of din
Since they only shine through their arrogance
They'd like to share their ignorance

It's hunger you see in their morbid eyes
Because empty beings are greedy
They devour their prey for naught
Like a fire without heat or light

I see them starving and infuriated
At the threshold of my faceless fright
I know that if I bend to their will
There'll be nothing of me

If they touch me I'll become an object
A tool, a thing in their closed hands
Round and smooth like crazy Saturn
Where the sky is chained to the ground

For they hate these asperities
Where ideas get caught and hurt
In the rough embrace of reality
When the wound gorges itself on salt

There every day, every night,
Always waiting, they don't sleep
Since they don't need to think
And know I want to kill them

They aren't really mammals
Those who always try to chain up
The hands extended to them
Those who repay goodness with infamy

My violence worries you
You blame my adamance
But you know : I have to hate them
When your leniency becomes injustice

You're free to grant them
The pardon they never asked
But me... I'll curse them every day

Some acts you can't come back from

Those wraiths don't fear death
But I'll force them into shape
With eyes I can pierce
With a heart I can rip out

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