lundi 4 février 2019

Songe Mensonge : english subtitles for episode 9 season 2

At last, Songe Mensonge's episode 9 of season 2 : "Homeostasis" is available with english subtitles!

Songe Mensonge (play of words in french with "Dream" and "Lie", impossible to translate) is an original amateur fiction webseries featuring the parisian underground network known as the "Catacombs", although it's really stone quarries from the Middle Ages which were never used as catacombs.

For more info : 

After using Loth's body to reincarnate Morgane's voice, Mordred and Alchemist decide to venture deep into Viviane's Tomb, the part of the Maze built by Morgane, hoping to find old acolytes of Morgane who may have escaped the Wizard. 
Mordred doesn't know that Alchemist is in fact working for the Wizard and uses him and what's left of Morgane to find and eliminate her last comrades. 
 Entering the most secret part of Viviane's Tomb, unknown even to Morgane, because the Maze recreates itself constantly, they'll meet an old acquaintance...